• Cincinnati’s Hub for Sustainable Living

    Our Mission: A Sustainable Future

    Our mission at This-Land is to facilitate educational opportunities to the Greater Cincinnati and Midwest region on Urban and Rural agriculture, Ecological Design, Green Building and Permaculture to create a regenerative and resilient bioregion and society for millenia to come.

    Our Vision: The Facilitation Of The Education, Tools, and Networks To Lead This Change

    Our Vision at This-Land is creating a Regenerative Ohio Valley and Planet through a  network ofEnthusiasts, Practitioners and Professional Permaculturalists working to rethink and redesign our systems of living in this region founded in Permaculture’s Principles. It is these results along with foundational Permaculture education that we use to train others in what works to create a regenerative Ohio Valley and Planet Earth for all their inhabitants. Our network includes these organizations who have graciously donated their time, money and resources to make This-Land.org a reality and further its mission: Cincinnati Permaculture GuildTreeYo Permaculture, Grailville, Greensleeves Farm, Enright Urban Ecovillage and OM Valley Permaculture. They also continue to further This-Land’s mission of creating a regenerative Ohio Valley by being living laboratories that we can teach from at little to no cost to us and our students.

    Our Service: Giving Back

    We here at This-Land.org seek to fully embody Permaculture’s 3 Ethical Principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Fair Share is as foundational as the 2 other Ethics to create a Permanent or Regenerative Culture that will go on for Millenia. That’s why we always seek to give back in as many ways as possible. To date we have given out thousands of dollars in scholarships to our classes for students who carry enthusiasm yet not the finances to to cover the course fees. We believe that this knowledge should be accessible to all. Its also important to point out that we believe in Fair Share over Free Share as it empowers individuals on their journey, rather than enabling. This is what Permaculture strives to do, empower people to provide for themselves with minimum input with maximum output.